• John Molyneux


The editorial for IMR 14 closed with the following words:

It would be very pleasing if the centenary of the Rising could be accompanied by a ‘rising’ at the ballot box which would see a significant advance for those who still stand for the politics of James Connolly bearing in mind, of course, (as Connolly well knew) that real change will come not through parliament but through the mass movement on the streets and in the workplaces.

In the event this hope was very much fulfilled. First of all the General Election in the South on 26 February saw a major rebuff for the Fine Gael/Labour Government. Labour were close to annihilated, falling from 37 to 7 seats and Fine Gael also lost massively, down from 76 to 50. It is true that after two months of negotiations Fine Gael and Enda Kenny, with the aid of the Independent Alliance and the acquiescence of Fianna Fáil managed, just, to cling to office. But it is about as weak a government as it possible to imagine which has already retreated on various issues, such as the proposed green bin charges, at the first sign of resistance.