The Politics of the Socialist Party


  • John Molyneux


Why are there two main organisations on the Irish radical left - the Socialist Workers Party and the Socialist Party? This is a question that many ask today.

Both organisations work together in the United Left Alliance which currently has ve TDs in Dail Eireann. But while working together in a common front against the right wing parties, neither the SWP or SP hide the dierences that exist between them

The purpose of this document is to

trace the connections between the current political line and conduct of the SP and its fundamental politics developed over decades. Such a document is necessary not because we have any desire to quarrel with the SP - rather we wish to be able to work with them in a comradely and cooperative way where any divergences of perspective and tactics are debated openly and settled. Rather, its purpose is to clarify the differences in politics and methodology.


CORRECTION:  This article states regarding the Socialist Party, ' They joined the Irish Anti-War Movement only after the massive mobilisation on 2003 and then left afterwards'. This is an error. As Michael O'Brien has pointed out, he joined the Steering Committee of the IAWM, on behalf of the SP, in September 2002 and served until the SP withdrew in 2006, and moreover he was Chief Steward on the 2003 demonstration. I apologise for this mistake. But, of course, I still stand over the general argument of the article including the part about the weakness of the SP on questions of anti-imperialism.   John Molyneux