Macron versus the workers


  • Catherine Curran Vigier


A year after his election, Macron and his Républiqueen Marche (LREM) movement have nailed their neoliberalcolours to the mast. Most obviously, the FrenchPresident and his cronies have organized a wholesaletransfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, through thesuppression of the Wealth Tax, the ISF, and a whole raftof other tax measures destined to ease the lives of thosewho already have everything. The suppression of ExitTax facilitates the tax evasion of the rich, and will resultin a net loss to the state of at least 800 million euros,though the figure could be as high as 3.5 billion. Thedisappearance of this disincentive to fiscal evasion is agreen light to tax dodgers everywhere. The wealthy canalso claim tax relief on personal services like gardening,housekeepers and nannies. In a series of tax reformsthat can only be described as robbing the poor to paythe rich, wealth has trickled up in Macron’s France.