Socialism and the fight against Transphobia


  • Stephanie Hanlon
  • Adrienne Wallace


We have witnessed a number of debates that have sparked controversy within the LGBT+, feminist and socialist movements. The fundamental disagreement between trans advocates and trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) on what being a woman/man means continues to rage on. It is essential to recognise that the roots of Trans oppression lie in the development of a class society. The connection between socialism and LGBT+ rights has a long history. Socialists must defend Trans rights in an era where countries are making attempts to erase Trans life from public consciousness as part of a far right agenda; as seen under the Trump administration.

As trans people have sought further recognition, solidarity, and social justice within feminism and socialism, new narratives have arisen that further distinguish exclusionary practices and ideas from those deemed more inclusive.

This article is divided into three sections. Section 1 examines the roots of trans oppression and explores the connection between women’s oppression and trans oppression under capitalist exploitation. Section 2 looks at the rise of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism, its origins and common arguments. Section 3 looks at LGBT+ equality under neoliberalism and the potential for liberation through socialism for the trans and LGBT+ community in Ireland.