Editorial: The politics of climate change


  • John Molyneux


The politics of climate change

In a world awash with strugglesand issues – from Ecuador to HongKong, Catalonia to Kashmir, austerityand war to racism and sexism, not tomention Brexit – the overarching globalissue is climate change. This questionand how we respond to it will determinethe future of humanity. In addition to thisobjective fact we are also witnessinga growing international climate actionmovement. The Fridays 4 Future andSchool student strikes on 20 and 27September were spectacular globally andin some places produced astonishinglevels of mobilisation eg half a millionin Montreal and about 170,000 in tinyNew Zealand (not to mention 30,000 orso in Dublin) . Then there was ExtinctionRebellion Week 2 which brought intoaction, including open civil disobedience,many thousands in London and manyhundreds in Dublin along with numerousother actions across the world.