Book Reviews


  • Mike Lovett Socialist Workers Network
  • Jerry Maguire Socialist Workers Network
  • Adrienne Wallace Socialist Workers Network
  • Joe Moore Socialist Workers Network
  • Jim Lamour People Before Profit
  • John Whipple People Before Profit


Shon Faye - The Transgender Issue - An Argument for Justice - Mike Lovett

Matt Collins - Internment 50 Years On - Jerry Maguire

Cathy Porter - Alexandra Kollontai. Writings from the Struggle - Adrienne Wallace

Harsha Walia - Border and Rule. Global Migration, Capitalismand the Rise of Racist Nationalism - Joe Moore

Susan McKay - Northern Protestants - On Shifting ground - Jim Larmour

Jane Hardy - Nothing To Lose But Our Chains -Work and Resistancein Twenty-First-Century Britain - John Whipple | 102