Vol 3, No 11 (2014)

Irish Marxist Review 2014 Vol 3 Number 11

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Team and Contacts PDF
John Molyneux i-ii


Editorial PDF
John Molyneux 1-3


The Politics of Sinn Fein: Rhetoric and Reality PDF
Kieran Allen 4-15
Where We Are Now PDF
Michael Taft 16-27
Interview: The Struggle for LGBT rights in Ireland PDF
Ailbhe Smyth 28-35
Stop Making Sense: Alienation and Mental Health PDF
Peadar O'Grady 36-47
A Visit to the Museum - notes on Culture and Barbarism PDF
John Molyneux 48-52
John Redmond: A Footnote in History PDF
Paul O'Brien 53-57

Book Reviews

Review: Christine Ward Gailey, Kinship to Kingship - Gender Hierarchy and State formation in the Tongan Islands PDF
Madeleine Johansson 58-66
Review: Fergal McCluskey, The Irish Revolution 1912-23: Tyrone PDF
Conor Kostick 67-70
Review: Lawrence Fenton, Frederick Douglass in Ireland: The Black O'Connell PDF
Conor Kennelly 71-75
Review: Alex Callinicos, Deciphering Capital PDF
Brian O'Boyle 76-82
Review: Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything PDF
Dave O'Farrell 83-89

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